Cali Kittana

Dreams About You

I\'ve been having dreams about you

It\'s really quite peculiar

We haven\'t spoken since high school

So why are you on my mind


That dream of us at the airport

A tight hug and a soft kiss

The feeling of losing you

I coul feel the warm tears


I\'ve seen you twice since graduation

Once on main street

And once at my job

The soft blushes and shy smiles


Every time Livin\' on a Prayer comes on

I daydream about us dancing to it

The way we used to back in school

Middle school was much simpler


I had a dream just the other night

You confessed that you loved me

And I told you the same

But turned you down for the one I\'m with


I woke up very confused

The thing I had always wondered

Happened that night in my dreams

It reminds me of school days


We used to get asked it all the time

If we were dating of just friends

You would look to me for the answers

What if I had said it was true


Sometimes I miss your blond hair

Or how we\'d snuggle during assemblies

The teachers used to get so mad

You offering me your jacket often


I\'m not sure why you\'re in my dreams now

But maybe it just means that I miss you

Or I just miss when things were easier

Before all of the stress of adulthood


I wish you had kept me close that night

Homecoming was such a whirlwind

The way we danced so close

How you never left my side


Telling me that my boyfriend was missing out

Taking me by the hand softly

You could see just how lonely I was feeling

I hope you really meant your compliment


There\'s a song that reminds me of you

It\'s by one of my favourite bands

It makes me think of middle school

And how you seemed so jealous of a flower


From a guy I didn\'t really like in that way

I took it to be nice and meant it friendly

But oh how I wished it had been you

I wonder if you would buy me a rose


I wonder if it was because you just knew

The carnation didn\'t mean as much as it did to him

You knew it wasn\'t a flower I prefer

If there were other choices, would I have gotten one


I wonder if you remember how I looked that night

I remember every aspect of you

From your soft eyes to your warm smile

And the way you refused to leave my side that night


You kept me warm from the breeze outside

During the fire alarm that evacuated us

We joked about how dumb the smoke machine was

And why would they put it in a school gymnasium


Sometimes I daydream about that night

I wonder what would have happened if I was honest

If I had been bolder about the way I felt

Would you have told me the same thing


I wonder if in another reality these would not be dreams

They would be a reality for you and I

But they must live in my dreams and my head for now

For you were my one who got away