I keep going

When I climb mountains that cuts and bleeds my flesh,

Causing pain

Bringing a stain.

Or when days are long and the nights are chilly.

When the mornings are dark and seem to be no light at the end.

The light that shines hope:

  leading me through the pitch-black journey.

that I walk through.

I Keep going


When am surrounded by hatefulness,

Or the eyes that try to shatter souls

And when a hurricane of words

  Are sent flying into the medulla like birds

Ready to perk.

So that everything in progress dies.

Making loud cries.

I keep going


When am falling,

And calling.

But no one answers:

And there is no one who cares to pull me out.

From the huge burden I have.

I keep going because I\'m getting stronger.


I keep going even when the journey is long

       I know what is ahead.

the journey gets heavy each day on my head

                        getting me brutally bled

A powerful radiational energy within will push me fed.

 giving me a spread

Of a strong magnetic push.


Even though voices in megaphones tells ‘I’ to hide;

My long passionate journey has pride.

That is taking me on a glide

And flying me far-wide.


I will keep going

I will keep going

I will keep going