All your spirits

Are like a genie in a bottle

Waiting to come outside

On a Friday night.


Knock on my door,

But I will never answer,

Because I\'m scared I\'ll see a spirit now

Speaking out of your mouth.


Broken bottles

Mend broken spirits,

But all I saw was someone else


Take you over.

You could barely stand,

You were acting not like yourself.


I thought you were taken by spirits.

I didn\'t want to hear it,

So I locked my room at night.

Your voice always left in fright.


Where was the man that I loved?

I guess I never knew you enough,

Because he was always there inside,

The spirits just left him nowhere to hide.


All the things you chose to hide,

The spirits made them come alive,

Because you were always there all along.

I guess I never knew you at all.