Clever Tara

Our dog ran away what could I say

as she pulls on my hand

simply wouldn’t stay

was gone in a flash

where the leash from behind

bounced with a crash

I chased wildly behind

without any gain

as the poor thing ran going insane

the clamor the clacking

making such a roar

all the neighbors tore from

their front door

“what’s this my goodness?!”

they all yelled

“I’ve lost my dog!” replied as I nearly fell

“it’s 6 in the morning THIS is just swell!!”

they screamed

“so sorry but please don’t be mean”

“stop running” they said

“your dog we’ve just seen”

each pointing a different way

but she wouldn’t THAT silly part play

so I took off in a start

without further delay

finally reaching the door

wanting this never to repeat

found Tara almost asleep

for indeed...

she is very clever


Moral: Don’t underestimate the intelligence of an animal