What is life?

What is life?
Today is just tomorrow\'s yesterday and tomorrow will be the same
Does that mean it\'s not too much to ask to try?
Does it mean we should care?
Or quite the opposite?
Memories flow bringing yesterday into today, making yesterday and tomorrow just another day
I have so many thoughts that can\'t be written down on paper
What does it mean that I can\'t even make my own thoughts understood?
I\'m sure there are words in the dictionary that if I understood I might know
But I don\'t
And there\'s probably a word for that too
But there\'s not enough time in life to find the words
Our thoughts are uncomprehendable even to our own simplistic understanding
We feel but we don\'t know how or what we feel
Our thoughts are too deep
The mind is too complex
\"This feeling isn\'t from today,
It\'s from 4 summers ago
Playing out in the yard with my rabbit\"
How do I know that?
I don\'t know but also I do
Then why am I feeling yesterday today if today was just yesterday\'s tomorrow?
But that\'s just how I feel about life today
We\'ll see what I think tomorrow
If you didn\'t understand this just know that neither did I
Or maybe I did