Vamsi Sudha

Life\'s WAVES

For some Ocean is a Revelation

For tourists Ocean it’s a Recreation

For kids Ocean is Jubilation

Forever!!  Ocean remains an Admiration...


The vision of a wave springing up, is Effervescent

Gives a boost to our senses and which is Incessant

Denotes it’s time to the face the challenge, of the New Wave,

Soon new wave gushes to the Shore of Life, be all Brave!!


Waves mammoth knock us down Sometimes

Leaving you in a state of confusion at Downtimes

It’s not late, wave recedes away, giving way for a Clarity

So, uplift ourselves over troubles, take a stance with Sagacity!!


Anchor your feet in Sands of Strength, be Steady

Have your vision clear and face the wave with Intrepidly!!

Each wave smoothens the sands, and gets your stance Stronger.

A New start again with a Smooth and fresh Base, to Bolster!!


Time to boost Our senses with new Convictions and Visions.

Prep up for a new start with new Decisions

Because, Life\'s Waves will always be Giving

So, Accoutre yourself for Life\'s Waves, and don’t stop Trying!!