Pilgrim\'s Prayer


Far is the journey before me, O traveler

Fainting and fainting is my heart and strength


Thy staff make present, on which travelers lean

 And my temporal  manna, my soul do wean


O great potter, pot our lives around

And you good giver, give us blessings abound


O wise seer, see us throu this town

Eternal writer, write our story not with frown

Wonderful provider, provide daily victuals


I have goat skin for water

And goat meat for supper

Do give maize seed for bread

One from tassels already red


A wretched vessel of sin I am, rough edges do chisel

sin scare so much, her twists and turns like the pistol


I have proofs, if proof be needed

You know me from eternity past

And I know you will not leave me to rust


So Sir, my past is so poor and ordinary

But my future, here lies ahead

Let my heart point at your rest

Like the compass always resting north

If they want fame, make famous



Wound my pride, this do

Envy and rebellion enter not my heart

My edifice of doom, turn shambles

The gates of my strength creak

Joint bones knock together

O grace in the valley and darkness


So at first glance,

Permit me O blessed father

To keep to safety more better


Let not my blowing wind storm

nor my raining waters flood


For thou knowest the road more

The hills, the mounts, the rise and falls

all I need, thy responding calls


as I wade through, ready a helping hand

And do take me to the other side, the golden bank


Thou be my guide, both left and right

This and many more, the pilgrim recites

And so help and be my light.  

Thus my Amen