Shahla Latifi


When you are broken

You see the stars with no light

The grass is not green in your eyes


When you are broken

Your feelings dim the sun

The birds are soundless

The river lies still


When you are broken

Your mind is running in circles

Your tears are cold

The senseless night is dubious by covering a cloud


When you are broken

The pain,

The waves of fear,

An air of melancholy

Surround your being


When you are broken

Your mother’s warm touch

Your father’s calm demeanor

All the sweet memories of your childhood

Are leaving you in despair


When you are broken

Nothing matters

The sound of music

The brightness of the sun

The lightness of a spring breeze on your face

The excitement of a starry night

The endless shimmering of delight

Are behind you now


When you are broken

The life—

The life of your dreams,

The life of your heart

The depth of your existence

Are crying;

They’re crying for mending your broken self


Shahla Latifi

January 3rd, 2022