Osei Zion


There were cries of joy, sun shining so brightly and everything

around was whispering to go outdoors !

Everyone loves summer

Grounds were ready for picnics, sun bathes, sports

Stars were shining for night clubs, birds were dancing 

in the green trees, butterflies were sucking Begonia nectar

More sugar was needed in the sugary toffee, summer was ready to 

bestow its blessing of warmness

There were longer days for

sugarcanes to give shoots

coffee, tobacco, and cotton were flowering

The work was plenty but the workers were few

In the other end, there were rains

raining cats and dogs wearing white Fedora hats

Missionaries were in white clericals, and black under wears

Praises were given to God upstairs of Cape Coast Castle

where the bloody ones were purified, none was worthy to worship

The Lord gave blessings, blessings of cross marks at the back

That tunnel was dark, full of darkness, in the dark

It looked like funnel, channeled to that direction

In it palm kennel lit fire for light, light only for the Lord

On the way to Dr.Brooke was that tunnel

She stood outside to heal the emotionally sick

Coming from the dungeon, where there was a prison in the prison