Playful Kitty

So you think that you can play,
well put those little toys away.
Handcuffs, whip and nylon rope,
that\'s not bondage you silly dope.
Lay down, legs up, down with your tights,
I\'ll show you such wicked delights.
left on ankles wrapped round knees,
Gusset over your head now wrists out please.
Totally bound by simple garment,
just one weapon in a true Sirs armament.
Gagged with panties, no need to speak,
as my own silk tie will leave you weak.
Dipped in water and then pulled tight,
this will smart those smart cheeks white.
Leather gloves or leather belt,
Will turn it red and raise a welt.
Many clothes can bring delight
but that\'s enough for your first night.

( Kitty will learn to kneel,
now hush and down at heel.)