Hop On Hop Off

Hop on hop off

Come one come all

Hop on the bus

Let\'s roll the ball


First stop is SHOPS

Ladies get down

I\'ll drive your men

To pubs downtown


You\'re hungry now?

It\'s time for food

Try out that pub

Their grub\'s real good


Eat all you can

Good Yorkshire pudding

Forget waistlines

Today no slimming


The next due stop

Is a famous park

Soak in the beauty

It\'s not yet dark


You hear those chimes?

That\'s our Big Ben

He\'s been repaired

Looks better since then


Last stop but one

Thames sunset cruise

The water\'s calm

But watch your booze


The end has come

You get off here

Good night to you

Tomorrow again dear?


I read Teddy\'s London and earlier The Bus Ride by Buddy Roszy. As a tourist in London, I love walking or going on the bus to explore the city. But the first time I went with my family (16 of us), we saw and heard very little as we\'d all fallen asleep on the upper deck after a long flight, the time difference, cool spring breeze and the droning voice of the tour guide!