Running time

To the large canvas 

to the only grey left 

what is there to paint 

to limitless scenes 

where did they disappear from eyes 

watching the vast sky 

why does it seem heart wrenching at times 



to the fallen dew 

to the withering leaves 

why going out as you please 

to the dimming light in streets 

to the waning moon 

why do you keep playing hide and seek 



to the foggy screen 

to the soggy noodles 

to the dry winds 

where to warm in the cold spree 



to the starting year 

to the black sky wedded with tiny lights

where hiding the moon tonight 

to the glow worms playing in the side 

Come light up the goofy house beside 



to the ebbing waves tonight 

why drench  dry sand all time 

why do you hit the shores every time 

the sea gull wishes to fly this morning that side 

can’t you be simple for sometime 



to the Sunday 

if you exist 

where did you finish 

did all days became Sunday 

or all weekends vanished in drain 

the calendar seems up 

it looks high 

cause no one has time to spare by 

to the running hands of clock

Forgotten is the childhood 

can you please go 

bring back the gone  time 

no you can’t 

no none can 

until someone calls Einstein 

why Einstein ?

he mentioned about travelling in time 

isn’t it 


maybe not 

where is the time travelling machine 

wish to catch up running time 


Once for all can the universe stop please 

maybe we can take a groupfie

instead of just a selfie