Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

Bubbles of white fall on a winters day

Bubbles of white fall 
on a weary winters day 
cold circles drift dreamily 
without a visible smile 
laughing in the chilly wind 

they fall as if peace were resting in their circular bubbly space 
a white world , all they apparently know 
a place , a space of dove like dreams 
or at least this is what we may see , as they fall 
white bubbly tenderness 
falling from a comforting collection of clouds 

they lack the colours of a rainbow 
maybe they are sighing without the sun 
they are missing the blue river 
and refreshing green of the grass 
golden hue of the sand stirring by the sun 

somehow they are falling bubbles of peace 
but see how cold they are 
and how they are missing the rainbows and colours of an orange fire 


they bring mountains of peace before our eyes 
but maybe they cry 
maybe they sigh 


they give to us bubbles of beauty 
but they are missing the fun rainbows 
and warm tender comfort of that fire 


are they really happy 
when they are falling from the clouds 
or are they happier wrapped in cotton wool 
comforted by warming hands of softness 


the falling isn’t a choice 
but if they had a choice would they 
stay comforted by cotton wool hands 
keeping them that inch warmer 
or would they fall dreamily and give an amazing white peace to the world 

to stay in comfort and warmth 
or to fall away 
and risk a chill that they may not wish to feel 
knowing they are helping the world , somehow 

snow , bubbles of it 
stay in cotton hands or fall