Sharon M. Moemise

I want yesterday to be my everyday

with you at the beginning and end of it

I still feel your burning touch  from yesterday

When you lured me with your eyes

straight into your soul, quietly, slowly

where I went willingly, as if in a trance,

Looking into the black depths of your 

hypnotizing stare. 

I\'ve never wanted anyone more at that moment

as when, in your low baritone, you  professed

your undying love for me.

I want yesterday\'s moments when you held me.

When you said to look at you

Those dark pools drawing me ever so deeply,

intoxicating my senses till I\'m drowning.

Yesterday should have never ended 

When you lifted me in your strong arms.

and I knew you\'d never let me fall

when we dreamed about today, tomorrow and everyday.

Yesterday I was enveloped in a cloud of passion.

Today I cry out for more of you...your love

If yesterday was my taste of tomorrows...

I want you to be my every day, my tomorrow, my forever