Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

The world in their lap

The world in their lap 

an expression of everything 

sitting between gentle hands 

mountains , sad sighing sky’s 

a few seconds of rainbows 

appearing then leaving your gentle fingertips 

green grass resting with flowers growing from a little sad wanting seed

smiling petals below your searching eyes 


the world in their lap 

an expression of everything good sitting by your side 

so much beauty , merry mountains 

and birds singing tender loving tones 


but the world in my lap 

no thanks 

the grey clouds are too loud 

the thunder too much 

others fears and worries too much for one mind 


merry mountains , yes please 

sparkly sun 

birds singing tender tones 

upbeat music 


but the world in my lap would be 

simply too much to carry