Little Lotus


For as long as I remember
I haven\'t slept for a good dream
Premonitions to surender
Or nightmares rolling in with steam

Dear Goose says that when I\'m asleep
I always whimper, turn and toss
My nights taking me rather deep
Down far beyond spring\'s fruitful moss

At age six I had a nightmare
That a snake was coming for me
I stood at the bottom of stairs
Separated from family

When eight I had yet another
A dragon and I came to head
Porcelain became my mother
Alone I had to fight with dread

 Yes: nightmares and future visions
Many would make for a good book
Guiding me to make decisions
And pause to take a second look

Moments where I can see people
Before they cross my crazy life 
Places, faces, all in detail
Future energies, future strife

Warnings of what will come in next
I can\'t say I always listen
Time always trying to direct
Attention paid to gifts christened

Instructions on where to focus
Things blocking me and future roads
No time for the hocus pocus
Of turning princesses from toads

I really shouldn\'t take complaint
My dreams have helped me understand
The Lord knows that I\'m no sent Saint
For on my dreams I do depend

And I\'m grateful for this blessing
Sometimes I think it\'d feel serene
If just once while I was resting
I remembered my sweeter dreams