Living is Believing - life without anorexia

He lowered his eyes

He shook his head

I\'m sorry but your wife is dead


That can\'t be

I am his wife

I\'m in the prime of my life 


Here come my babies

Tears are streaming down their little cheeks

They look as though they have been crying for weeks


I hear him softly speak 

Mommy is gone, she died today 

The angels have taken her to heaven to stay


Why is he saying such things

I am right here where I should be

Will someone please listen to me


I hear him softly say, do you want to kiss mommy goodbye 

Goodbye? What does he mean

Please, please someone hear me scream 


I see them turn and walk into another room

Why won\'t they come over to me instead 

Why are they walking towards that bed


I walk over and wrap my arms around them 

They don\'t notice I am there 

I look at their eyes and follow their stare


No it can\'t be

I\'m standing right here, I can\'t be dead 

That can\'t be me lying in that bed


Daddy Why did mommy die 

Daddy didn\'t mommy know we loved her too

Daddy what are we going to do


Babies I more than you will ever know 

Please God give me one more try

I\'m not ready to die 


For far too many years I have fought this demon in my mind

Every day I grew stronger 

I was sure the demon wouldn\'t be with me much longer 


I truly did want to live 

I was learning to live without fear and not let him in

Is this really how it\'s going to end, the demon is going to win?


The light is so bright and so beautiful 

The angel smiles as she lets go of my hand 

She softly whispers you can stay I know God will understand 


God I know some would say this was just a dream 

But I know because I believe in you your angel let me stay today 

The demon that was living in my mind trying to take my soul has now been taken far away