Writings From The Unknown13

Thank You

the hurt still lingers

some days it hurts randomly

others, i cant even empathize what i had just felt like as if i didnt feel it

sometimes i wonder if you think about me 

think about what you had

all the good i gave 

all the love and support i gave

the way i wouldnt hesitate 

the way i would want to give you everything 

the way i wouldve done anything for you

wouldve done anything with you

i didnt care if you had things to do

i wanted to do those things with you by your side

i wonder about your thoughts every time you hear something about me

i hope it hits you what you lost

i hope one day it hits you how good it was and couldve been 

i hope you realize my worth everyday 

the place i held a fraction of in your heart,

is now being valued more than ever by someone im marrying 

i was only a fraction in your heart that lead me to the one that holds me whole in his heart

and i thank you for that

i never regret anything in my life 

everything happens for better things to come 

but for fucks sake why did it have to hurt so bad 

as people grow apart,

all they remember about that person is all of the bad 

but not with you 

im proud to say my head goes to all of the good things 

all the fun we had

but even those good things follows with the pain of how good it was

and never will be again

theres no hurt being lead by the bad things

the way things ended

the way it didnt work

the way i begged

the way we parted

looking back i shouldnt have begged if i know what i know now

but i thank you for it all

i thank you for breaking my heart,

to lead me to the one that fears of breaking my heart

thank you for never reassuring me,

to make me appreciate when i am reassured

i thank you for being my escape,

to allow the next to help me face my obstacles

i thank you for letting him know about me,

so i can finally be happy with the one ill be with forever

\"alexa, play \'thank you, next\' by ariana grande\"