Rocky Lagou

Free Me From Me

You are my Earth.

My caregiver.

The endlessness of your endless

Nurture is beyond comprehension.


I can’t trust myself,

I’m just a small star among the many here.

Yet with you present,

All things are conquerable.


You’re the push against the gravitational pull

Which attempts to squeeze me down into

Nothingness, constantly.

You’re the reminder that I need to live.


An orbiting body which doesn’t

Allow me to do the things

I would’ve done,

If weren’t for you.


I can’t trust myself near knives.

I can’t trust myself alone.

I’m a never-ending near-death



You’re the Earth

And I don’t hesitate

To want and want



It’s in our nature,

We’re wanting creatures.

But since you’re the Earth you’re

The owner of every feature.


Every aspect and every facet of me

And of all of those around you.

People bow down at the sight of you.

A euphony of “you, you, you.”


But then again,

Aren’t you causing me disaster?

Why can’t you just allow me to

See the unseen?


Free me from me.

I’m a disastrous being,

And I need recognition

And I need a meaning.


I need and I want


Allow me to see all these things

And be everything.


You are my Earth

And the stars are always looking down to your splendor.

You are my defender.

My neighboring celestial beings have often noticed my despair.


They tell me I should be


For all elements that are in my opposition.

That a wreck like me can’t be in my position.


They don’t lie,

And I don’t ignore them.

I need to have assurance of who I am,

And my worth.


I need to make it work,

I need to be able to push past my disrepair

And go headstrong into the dirt

As a seed with the power to overbear.


As a plant with the will

To have a flair.

To allow You to glare

Onto my lush and living leaves.


I need you to set me free

By enlightening the fact

That I just need me to be me to be free.

You are not greedy, nor do you claim to be interdependent.


You are the Earth,

And though you provide,

You are a Bird,

In which you give the hatchlings some time, until…

We need to take our own step into the world.

Until we are firm enough in our value

That we may be able to spread our wings over the whole universe

And allow for everyone to see.


To remind us that we don’t need everything to be


To grant us the unwavering determination that we are

Capable of doing anything if only we put our minds to it.


That though we may just be one star among the cosmos,

We have the ability to become a formidable songbird

With wings spread over the entire world.

Singing out our song into the ears of the entire world.


Allowing our voices to be heard.

Allowing our feathers to surge

Past the past and over gaping eyes.

Only steadfast to the future where we will rise.


“Just one thing,” says the Earth

Before we head leaping from our perch.

“Remember that You are a star,

Don’t forget where You come from.


Keep Your eyes fixed onward,

Never back or unsure.


And don’t forget that though You don’t have everything,

You have the power to be everything.”