Garth Rakumakoe

Need I?

Need I remind you

to hug the clock daily,

and hold minutes and seconds dearly?


Need I remind you,

that you could have gone

to eternal slumber

after last night’s conversation?

that your still being here

is not your doing?

is not by might, nor is it

by virtue of own intellect?


Need I remind you, just how much

you’re not in control?

Need I?


Pause for the black Mariah –


Dethrone your hat

when you witness her slow elegance

hug the neighborhood corner

Lower your countenance

of callousness and certainty

Set aside your foolish pride

and show her some respect


Never be self-assured, in her presence

She hates that, for she has eyes

and just as she passes by, remember

she knows the remnants

of your final day, and she knows

the way, of your last ride


She knew you, and heard your name

when you shattered her eardrums

with your first cry, rudely waking her

from across the sleeping ethers of time,

announcing your arrival

She knew from then on, she will carry you

to the afterlife, when the hour -

known to her only – has come


Need I remind you, layman?

No journey is more final, than hers

 – Pause -

for the black Mariah