Alex PB

Bloody Valentine, Cursed Day

Hey, it\'s been I don\'t know how many weeks since we\'ve last talked,

And you\'re the first girl in almost a year that I fell in love with,

I just wanted to ask if you ever think about me,

Or you just found someone else to replace me,

I could be Noah, working a shitty job,

Whilst you\'re Allie and you find the rich dude who gives you all you want,

I\'ll build our dream house that we never talked about,

And love can be made and we can have 3 beautiful children,

Who carry our genes and both our personalities,

Which clashed so well we could have made royalties,

I got into my head again and I fucked shit up,


But will the feelings be carried all over,

To a guy who doesn\'t know you the way, I tell ya,

The whole of me still wants you even to this day,

I wrote this poem at 3am cause I can\'t fucking sleep,

Every night I have at least 2 nightmares and 2 fucking dreams,

About how you shout at me so loudly,

And I cry myself to sleep cause I\'m so pity-ful,

We both made mistakes, I didn\'t like to see you on the app,

And I forgot that other people have different feelings,

You said you didn\'t want a relationship,

But it was shitty of you to say that you love me..

In hindsight, I watched L\'étrange Noël de Monsieur Jack,

Can\'t even lie, I really fucking liked it,

It had 2 strangers that ended up as lovers,

But that wasn\'t us so where am I playing at,

I even went back and listened to the songs you sent me,

Even though I don\'t speak French, the English subtitles really helped me,

I listened to Hoshi, I listened to Bruno Major, I listened to Orel San,

And maybe one day we might have had our own paradise,

I know I can\'t get anything back and I\'m just an idiot who stabbed you in the back,

But we stabbed each other now there is no going back..

I still love you, you\'re still in my heart,

I\'m sorry I was stupid, I didn\'t take care of your heart,

I know you don\'t want a relationship, but in my heart there still is..


A 2nd beat.. of us 2 dancing slowly on the dance floor till the night starts to end.