Press On; Hold Them Back

When shall it end?

When can they go home?

I cannot say.

I do not know.

... but there will,

be victory.

Of that, I am certain.

... and the enemy will loose.

... with the victors,


As sure as Gideon\'s,

three-hundred men,

had defeated a great army;

with the help of God,

so shall they,

have victory.

They shall fight off,

their aggressors.

They shall press on.

They will hold back,

those who want,

to be oppressors.

They shall stand their ground.

They shall not be moved,

like a tree planted,

near the water,

they will flourish,

and prove.

I do not know,

when the battle,

will be over.

Of that, I cannot say.

... but I do know,

that they will,

have victory,

on that final day.