How was I to know,
When you left to go. 

As you walked out the door,
I would see you no more.

Had there been even a hint,
I would have, with you went.

Never did I think as you walked away,
That, it would be your last day.

I still feel upon my lips your last kiss,
To this day it I do miss.

Cherished are your last words to me spoken,
They ease this heart death has broken.

I miss the way we once talked,
The way we held hands when we walked.

You always wore a smile on your face,
One that lit up the whole place.

\"I love you\" we\'re the last words to me you did say,
For that I\'m thankful everyday.

Doesn\'t seem like six years have gone by,
My how time does fly.

Rest in peace my Beloved One,
We will meet again when my time here is done.