The glimmer

It was dark 

it was fading 

the faint line that kept missing 


on a canvas 

Vast as sky 

while the colours dried 

Why suddenly the palette seemed empty by that time ?


no colours to paint 

no emotions to show 

no glitter to shimmer 

no hopes to wean 


The courage 

like ebbing of waves 

suddenly dropping low 

who should tell, to hold moon ?



in those thoughts 

in those memories 

who knew ?

there could be glimmer 

an up thrust from somewhere 

Binge of cheer 

someone gave hope 

One who earlier laughed and teased 

Could give a hand to support 




in the garden of blood 

water seemed thicker 

those who seemed nothing 

appeared one day 

to tell you to chase dreams 




“ indeed

stars may align

trust in process 

each moment is different “


awaiting for the miracle to strike 

that’s called patience in life….