Magic\'s In The Air

After the rain has come and gone, the sky soon does clear,
Like magic a big bright rainbow does appear.

Beginning at the ponds edge, arching over forest beyond mountain tops,
The other end rests in the middle of ole man Thompson\'s corn crop.

Beautiful masterpiece, vividly painted across the sky,
Natures wonder we can\'t put into words no matter how we try.

Seven colors it does wear, each radiates like a halo upon an angels head,
Like a fiery flame burning bright the top of its arch is red.

Red fades into a glowing orange just below,
Sunset orange merges with sunny yellow.

For miles around its beauty can be seen,
All seven colors my favorite is green.

Green blends down into a deep ocean hue,
Which matches my eyes of sea blue.

Followed by blue is purple, brilliant as a rare gem,
Precious like jewels on a Queens crown rim.

Purple fades magically into a must amazing color of indigo,
Last of seven colors hanging in the sky all aglow.

A beauty beyond compare,
Magically suspended in the air.