The not dirty tissue


There lived a house with hygienic people  

 What better than having a tissue!  

 But this tissue did not want to get dirty,  

 And did not want the humans to act Birdie,  

 And wanted to be sturdy.  


 “Heh don’t u dare touch me,\" said Mr. Tissue  

He didn’t want them to sneeze “Aachooo!”  

 The humans wished this wouldn\'t continue,  

 And said, “Miss you!”  


 Mr. Tissue went swimming through rivers and oceans,  

 And drank a huge Potion,  

 Sailed through the sea and across the nation.  

 Then he sailed back with emotion  

 He could hear humans say “Miss you!”   


 After going back home,  

 He started working on chrome,  

 He roamed,  

 But after all, he wasn’t ready to get dirty!