Not Just An Old Fella Passing

Not Just An Old Fella Passing


Bill Stamp was not just any

old fella ..

All bent down the middle ..

Nor was he just skin and bone

He once was a

father, a brother, a lover and

somebodies son ..

Moreover, on more than just

one odd occasion

he went over and over and

over the top ..

For his king and his country,

for peace,

love and justice and all those

still with us today ..

No, Bill Stamp was far from

being just any old fella ..

Bent down the middle, all shit,

snot and piddle ..

He was, and still is, a war hero

with scars to this day ..

Both mental and physical, plus

a chest full of

medals and ribbons to prove it ..

So when you

lower him down, be sure to lay

him down gently ..

The old fella deserves it and he

more than damned earnt

the ten gun salute at the end of the day ..