Computers: The \"Human\" perspective

Computers are a way of life,

    or so the people say.

When they work, all is fine,

    just like the spring in May.


When you press the enter key,

    and nothing seems to work,

the system light comes on and stays,

    we all just sit inert.


Rumor has it I have heard,

    sometimes they do go down.

When this happens, to be sure,

    we all begin to frown.


When the frown turn into anger,

    and then hostility grows,

it seems to me we all react,

    like a bomb about to blow.


The next phase is quite obvious,

    though varied from man to man.

throw a chair kick the wall,

    or scream at who you can.


The end result of all these words.

    I think it is a cinch.

Let us find, the one we want,

    and then, proceed to Lynch.


Just when our plan is ready,

    the trap ‘bout to be sprung.

The screen goes back to normal,

    now no one need be hung.


Pacified is what we are,

    until the next breakdown.

When that happens, to be sure,

    the guilty will be found.