God Has Called Upon You

I prayed for you then the next morning you were dressed saying your going to church this sunday.I was totally surprised because you don\'t speak about God in any way.

I don\'t know what he said but I\'m sure he spoke to you and it woke you up.Don\'t be afraid,God wants to use you so he can fill your cup.

Being obedient is a good thing he has called you to do his will,serve our God and give him the praises until.

Whatever that is bothering you just know with faith and faith alone all things are possible,it\'s your enemies that will try to make your life impossible.

I feel your pain,your,sadness,your need to be alone,but its times like these when the devil will put in your head that all is going wrong.

God is molding you into the man he intended you to be,know change is coming,he\'s saying to you,\"son you have the power,I created you in the image of me\".

Your gonna face trials and tribulations,he never said it would be easy,your gonna feel like giving up but the devil is a lie your not cheesey.

The heavy chains on your body will be lifted,you will began to feel free.Fall in love with God,seek him for yourself then you will see.

Trust in God with all your heart he is their when were at our lowest to give us what we need.I see you trying my love and that\'s all that matters,a true fact indeed.