Milind Gautam

Bloody Valentine

Your face makes me dizzy, I\'m
thinking of you,
Imperfectly perfect, a cure to my blues. 
It gives me chills, when my skin is
under your skin,
I fell in love with you, with all your
flaws and sins.
Your eyes reflect the shallow sea,
Every strand of your hair blooms
with the scent of hennessy.

You are the angel, who dwells in my
Thou every evil shall fear your
You\'re my dream girl, your love is
what I\'m craving,
It\'s so tragic that when I wake up,
I see you leaving.
By the wind the flowers move to
and fro,
They remind me of you,
Please give me your one last show.

Your heart is so precious yet so
I wonder who deserves it from
heaven anigh.
You make me high, you make me
feel alive,
You deserve the whole world,
Yet you overthink your pride.
What\'s stopping you to be mine,
Are you too much for me?
To be my Bloody Valentine.

                                    ~Milind Gautam