Kevin Michael Bloor

my giddy green-eyed girl

My giddy girl with eyes of green
come sit upon my knee.
Let nectar drip from those lush lips.
With tongue, make love to me.

Forget your father; he’s a jerk.
Forget your mother too.
Your cousins, sisters, friends, in fact,
screw all that cretin crew!

They say I’m old, no good for you,
a cradle-snatching fiend.
Those suckers had it in for me.
They always intervened

when gorgeous glint in your green eyes
(that giddy, loving spark)
enraptured me: that laser light
lit up my dungeon dark!

My giddy girl with eyes of green
come run away with me.
Forget those fools who trash true love,
and hate to see you free.