Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

Pieces of blue in the sky

Blue sky , serene space 

living beside trees 

so much beautiful blue smiling by tender twigs 

or living too far away from anything it can touch 


blue sky , so much blue sky 

seems to be , appears to be

one vast colour in an open space 

but maybe there are pieces of blue wandering safely side by side 

invisible to the eye 

those separate little pieces 

hiding in what seems to be 

a painting in summer and springtime 

they are all hiding behind the sky 

allowing a colourful chatter to call into the breeze 


whilst the little parts hide and she talks 

they can rightfully rest 

whilst the sky speaks loud and clear into the world 

of its calming space talking tender notes into the breeze 


the segments of blue can smile 

the sky is speaking for them all 

for those little parts of sky blue 

that simply want to rest and hide