M. Evermore


It\'s dusk

And the clouds are

The color of sunset

The fence is high

And so I climb through it

She sees me

And nickers

The sound as quiet as a hush

Yet filled with joy

She comes over,

Her muscular frame

Gliding through the tall grass

Her ears are forward, eager

Brown eyes wide with happiness

She nuzzles me, breathing me in

It has been a long time

She lowers her head upon my shoulder,

The weight steadying me

I stroke her ears, behind them

She rests her head against my chest,

So I wrap my arms around her large head,

Embracing her

I kiss her head,

Her mane tickling my nose

I laugh, the noise startling her

She leans out of my embrace,

Staring down at me,


I missed you, she says

I missed you, too, I say back,

In that secret language of ours

And I rest my head against hers once more,


We stand there, forever

In our own little world

Minutes into hours

Into years

Until there is nothing left,

But us