I can be selfish, insecure,

 And mean.

    I can hide my dirt,

 I can come clean.


   I make mistakes,

 I can be hard to handle.

    I can bring peace,

 I can bring scandal.


    I can be rough,

 I can be rude.

    I can bring a smile,

 I can change my mood.


   I can change my mind,

 Or stay the same.

   I can sit it out,

 Or play the game.


   I can go with the flow,

 I can make a wave.

   I can mind my manners,

I can misbehave.


   I can speak,

 I can remain silent.

   I can be gentle,

 I can be violent.


   I can be difficult,

I can be easygoing.

   I can stay the same,

Or continue growing.


 I can say the wrong thing,

 I can be shrewd.

 I can hold it together,

I can become unglued.


 I can choose to teach,

I can learn.

 I can leave here,

 I can return.


 I can walk away,

 Or stay and represent.

 It is all about how I react,

To daily events.