Goodbye My Paradise

I lost my paradise tonight
When I heard the hushed whisper
It came down like a bite
From a lover now drifter

I don’t know what is right
Should I forgive and forget
Anger so hot it might ignite
If it wasn’t for the tears that kept it wet

So many rain clouds I can’t see daylight
I’ve lost my light at the end of the tunnel
The demons are coming to try and incite
And pull apart my humanity into rubble

The devil in me can’t take another slight
He demands a scar for every lie
An overwhelming kind of blight
The only thing I can do is say goodbye

I don’t want to go through another fight
I don’t want to give you any pain
Because even if your love for me was finite
My love for you will always sustain

So I’ll just disappear from your sight
I’ll go back to being a ghost
You can go to him your knight
Forget about the one you once loved most.