Where I Roam

I just want to stop the struggle
I\'ve even changed my choices
But I can\'t escape this rubble
I can\'t stop hearing these voices

What is this hell
That I have built
I feel it swell
As I wilt

I have tried to run
I have tried to hide
But it weighs a ton
And tugs on my pride

Is there anything I can say
What can I do
This torment won\'t go away
I feel run through

I just want to be free
Of all of this pain
Just let me be
I say in vain

No matter how much I pray
There is no answer
And I continue to sway
In this unending disaster

Still I know it is my fault
Because no matter the sin
I never stop or halt
Much to my chagrin

I know I am my greatest enemy
Holder of this restless soul
And I will suffer till I find the remedy
That will finally make me whole

So don\'t try to save me
Just let me try to find my home
I will always be a detainee
In this empty soul I roam.