My heart is broken

My heart is broken, my soul is lost

It cannot be repaired, to high of cost

Alone I sit and see your empty heart

You continue to drive us apart

The choices you made are yours alone

I will not be the one who picks up the phone

I will not be treated this way anymore

Nor will I sit and wait by the door

My heart is broken, my soul is lost

You continue to lie, my feelings tossed

Family first, were your words

Another statement for the birds

I hold back tears that you don\'t see

You will never see what you have done to me

Rules change to suit your needs

Of course I am the bad guy no one believes

A control freak is what you are

Your life consists of food and a bar

I hope you see what you have done

Apparently you think its fun

Its always and forever been about you

I have nothing left to say or do

You put your friends first, that will never change

That will forever be part of your game

My heart is broken my soul is lost