Poetic Dan

I let some breath

I have many poems that live within me, from the seeds of darkness I let some breath 


Never really sure if they\'ll bloom with my spirit or be another rambling that brings my soul back to the living


Time has brought change and the end of some blame, I\'m now the only one that\'s digging my own grave 


A need to slow down and stop shovelling so fast, to leave wounding habits back in the past with hopes of a future covered in laughs


I don\'t know where I\'m going but like many before, I definitely know where I\'ve been. 


Now I drift in these thoughts knowing a new adventure can begin, to keep sailing these waters in a vessel that can\'t sink


Transcending back into the sun, wind and rain. Dancing in the moonlight of the twilight haze, hours and minutes all fade away.


You\'ll find me everywhere between the smoke and blaze, lost from each moment I\'d never of have any other way