All this world\'s a war zone!(A Shakespeare Parody)

All this world\'s a war zone!(A Shakespeare Parody)
All this world\'s a war zone!
With every country or it\'s leaders being major player\'s
Each have their headline making moment\'s and fall from grace,
With one man in their turn, landing a major role !
First, there was George W, Bush. The cry baby who evaded going to war in Vietnam,
Only to instigate two wars while safely tucked up in his crib in the White house.
Next whining school boy Donald Trump who willfully incited insurrection about fake news,
While he knowingly lied over election results and encouraged his Republican mob to violently storm, attack and invade the Congress,
Then, Vladimir Putin and his armed forces, playing the bully on Ukraine\'s borders,
Full of unfounded claims  of it being a nation of Nazi\'s,
Then instigating a full war, invading it while raping and murdering Ukraine\'s civilians,
Next, the E.U. and Ursula von der Leyen in Brussels, behaving sickeningly,
moaning about Brexit and trying to impose it\'s E.U. law\'s on the U.K\'s citizens,
The sixth stage is the fat cats lining their pockets at the rest of the worlds expense,
Sir Phillip Green, rips off pension funds, while M.P\'s and The Lords, the DRAX Group and Union Bosses
Tell us to tighten our belts, while they take huge increases in salaries and benefits
Lastly comes the 7th and final stage, where things level out a little, and we revert back to being wanting and needing constant supervision, leading into second childhood, 
As Shakespeare so eloquently quoted !
( Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.)
And then onward to death and final oblivion,