The Blooming of the dead

The Blooming of the dead

As the sun sets on the horizon 

I trudge into a graveyard

To find a coffin lying open

To lure someone into its shrouded darkness


I see an ashen body being carried towards the coffin

Yet another cage to trap his poor soul

A coffinmaker disrupts this funereal procession

Only to cry out loud \"This man couldn\'t even afford to buy a coffin!Bury him in the ground\"

And runs away with his coffin


The dead man now nestles

In a cradle of dead leaves and moist earth

As the seed of time blossoms into spring

I return to that land of the living dead


A faded tombstone leads me to his grave

The grave of a man who lived in anonymity and died in obscurity

The human world doesn\'t remember him

But Earth\'s memory never fades


Sunbeams radiate from bowers of flowers

Colored deep crimson red

That sprung up from his earthly grave

To stage the Blooming of the dead