She feels like summer

She feels like summer

An intriguing warmth surrounds  her essence

She’s a warm kind hearted soul, 

her kind heart is sweet,

sweet like the moonlight sleeping on hills

The recollection of every moment spent arouses  joy


She feels like summer

Her smile alone draws me in

A sense of stillness engulfs me as I listen to every word said

Every story told

Amazed at how inclined my ears are,

always eager to hear more

Much so when she sings


her voice is so sweet

sweet like the exquisite peace that she alone provides, 

It’s fine melody captivating, incomparable to anything

She’s  beautiful like the sunshine of day

Just like summer the feeling of being at ease never leaves

And just Like the seas in summer time

Sparkly and enchanting

never at all  giving in single drops but in bountiful waves

The same with the  great sun so generous with its heat and so is she with everything she has

Her warm heart can never be cold 

It burns bright, encouraging love to unfold