Kevin Michael Bloor

those days of winged wonder

The rose and the lily, the blue bell and daisy.
The days bathed in sunlight all hallowed and hazy.
I loved them that summer when girl she came calling,
laid by me in long grass, in love with me falling.

The damp, diamond dew drops: her tears that I’ll treasure.
Her light-hearted laughter, her smile of pure pleasure.
The bright balm-filled breezes, the nectar from kisses:
My mouth, on this morning, so madly it misses!

The girl of my dreaming, in jeans, rarely dresses.
The touch of her fingertips, gentle caresses.
Her voice, in a whisper, like swish of the ocean.
Her kiss, breathing bliss, from her heart’s deep devotion.

The sound of sweet songbirds in woods gently shaded.
The locks of my true love, by beauty all braided.
Those days of winged wonder I’ll yearn for forever.
From here to eternity, I’ll rue them never!