My fine wine

Like fine wine you are quite the rare,
mature, endearing so filled with quality.
Packed with layers of complexity and such finesse;
a stunning delicacy,
An asset worth investment

Investment of my time and being

For the longest of time,
Seemingly so since we were acquainted 
Our friendship, maturing
and each day, always finer than before

 Ours is a forever at a magnitude,
Which can never amount to anything
With similarly refined taste
as pure and precious as gold

Our brand of love, unique and beautiful 
I will always crave to be by your side 
Just as i am hooked to you like glue
The possibility to sever the ties that bind us is unimaginable

I could be in pain or in distress but when around, my somber mood turns to delight. 
In a moment , I am grinning like a fool who knew no pain
I see joy and feel at peace 

Nothing can compare to the worth you possess.
I hold you in the same regard with the deepest love and affection 
I promise to never leave and always stay true to what I feel
The deep, lingering taste of your essence is something I will always need.
you are my forever
my fine wine 

to mubanga loongo