Fear of Corona Vaccine

People used to think it was flu..

Within few days, we understood its something new...

To know, what\'s all this, we are curious..

It\'s a infectious disease,caused by corona virus.

Vaccines give us a relief...

Just like saving a girl from a fallen clif..

It\'s a blessing to the mankind...

Just like for a married girl, mangalsutra is more than a string...

After 2 doses we think like we are  fully vaccinated.

Just like, during war time , our gun is fully loaded.

Vaccinations doesn\'t mean go back to the crowd.

After making vaccine, Adar Poonawala making us feel  proud..

Vaccination is not for fun.

After being vaccinated, don\'t forget the rules and regulation.

It\'s available in the name of covieshield and Covaxine.

Due to corona virus,people imprisonsed at home without any crime..

Don\'t dare to ignore vaccine.

Then noone will be there for you to attend your death  ceremony.

To control corona virus,infection , govt. impose lockdown.

During this period, our children need our full attention..

We are really very scared to  see this increasing death rates.

Just like we spray the insectiside to kill the insects..

Cough and cold are its 1st symptom..

Those who avoid vaccination,

Death comes calling without an invitation..

Today doctors are our only hope..

To help the doctors , we must avoid group..

Without any emergency, we must avoid travelling...

Without vaccine, you can\'t  save a life after spending  a lot of money....

We will line  up in a queue...

This vaccine is waiting for you...