I will carry you with me

Every step I take
I will carry you with me.
Through life\'s joys, sorrows and pain
I will carry you with me.
You are more than enough .

The one Person I will run to when life takes a turn.
To  comfort me with a warm embrace 
And bring a smile to my face
You are my raisons d\'être

I will carry you with me
Life without happiness lacks purpose
Joy springs out when i am with you
The tears run far to hide and never to emanate

I will always carry you with me
You give me strength to live on
Enough to face the hurdles that come my way
to never at all be claimed by the dark 
My fears leave and not at any time emerge

The little bubble created by our friendship is the most beautiful place,
A place I will always run to.
A place with so much love , trust and support
Encompassed by beautiful memories that will never fade

to mubanga loongo