Pearcemelville 兎敏

morning monday


Monday morning
Headingout Kerchunk 
.. Six a clock hot coffeethen..
     WOOF!!Who Goes There!    
     Who are yov Who the fvck      
     are yov? Woof!  

It\'s me Augustus  thought by now you would recognize myscentman .
     Oh Mel it\'s yov  snffsnff          
     sorry dvde  avtomaticrvff
     thovght you was a prowle...

..I gotta skat, seeyalater

     Woof Grvff Pffftt
      WoofHey Dvde Dvde      

     Dvde, Dvg this cat vp Ay!
     You shovld Smell it. old 
     man thinks `m Dvmber        
     thanna Basset Hovnd
     He bvried it again mad     
     Know wheritis c\'mon Yov 
     Shvuld Smellit. 

Toldyou before man 
Not into that... 
     Oh yeah grvff, Still Waw!     
     Ay? Wvw!! 

Whateverdude I`ll catchya later , . .
     HeyDvde Dvvvd!        

WhatnowAugustus? Whaddhya 
     Check this oot. A mvscle 
     Smells like fish 
     Smells prittーtty goovd! 
     Weirdthovgh innit!     

Mussel  You mean mussel 
Not Muscle!
     woofwoofyeahbvt yov  
     gottahava  mvscle to open 
     It opens yovknow Iseenone. 

ThatsfineAugustus Very Nice 
No thankyou ~no smell today
Bakklater alligator
     On the prowler growler    
     woof woof snffsnff
     BOW!! Bow BOWWOW!
Augustus K\'monnow I`ll be late        
for work Whatissit?
     Sorry man, snffsnffthovght                  
     yov was a prowle...