I\'d Give You The World

It was perfect,
Like a dream.
A boat setting sail,
Onto the calm sea.

But then it changed,
The sea had turned rough.
All the dream like emotions,
Had gone to dust.

Maybe it was my fault,
That I\'d admit to.
We tried to work it out,
We couldn\'t break through.

The dream became a nightmare,
That I still have to live through.
The waves became the only thing,
I thought I could cling to.

I wont ever forget,
What you did to me.
To forgive, 
Wont happen so easily.

The waves around me,
Are starting to calm.
I\'ll never forget,
or forgive the harm.

I\'m not afraid to tell,
Well maybe I am.
But I\'m slowly healing,
Can you tell?