Darkness falls;
Silence fading;
This chaos inside me.
Doubt and losses, the fear within me.

Memories closing and terror surrounds me.
Slowly drift away the demons inside me.

Night fades;
Feeling alone;
These dark thoughts that dwell inside me.

Sounds of stillness;
As I try to quiet the darkness;
No hope no fear,
As it hallows me back to my darkness.
I hear it\'s cackles  like a beastly Jackal; 
I feel the weight of it\'s  shackles;
It\'s seductive voice 
Ready for Battle.

voices I hear;
whispering to me all my fears;
Stirs unwelcomed strain inside me;
It\'s deviant alluring and calmness within;
Has me strapped down again.

No one sees this;
No one can hear it;
Its shadow lingers and torture begins.

This defiant black abyss inside of me.
Black are my eyes;
My minds beaten;
Darkness it hides;
Which I call a demon.

Dark as the night;
No longer sunlight;
I am not afraid;
And I will fight;

Black is this world;
That I live in;
And ringing darkness;
That I\'m kept in.

Ripples of terror shelters me;
Standing silently inside of me.
My minds thoughts reflect;
My reality to disconnect;
As if the Awakening anguish that plagues and torments my thoughts no longer stay dormant.

It\'s depriving my sweetness;
My blind protest;
Deep despair with dulling grotesque;
Heavy on my chest.

Sends a dart of cruel images;
Vanishing grim of fleeting existence.
Suffering thoughts enable ones mind;
Remains entrapped;
I give no resistance.

Swirled are these thoughts;
No longer mine;
Lost forever in space and time.

A sense of wrongness, fright, and unease;
This evil tension inside of me.
Pouring of transcendent energy;
Governed by enlightenment;
Abyss of darkness;
Forever inside me.

Black moment;
I awaken inside;
I Battle this demon for what is mine;
My darkest moments;
I am fighting it everyday,
To forever have Peace, Normality, and light.

Mandy Jolly 2/22/22