Jenny Brav

The Unlearning

I was taught
to trust only what I see.
All else is illusory.
The only thing that matters,
the only truth,
is matter.
All else is fantasy.
Imagination’s whimsy.

And now?

Now…I’m learning
there’s so much to unlearn.

In fleeting moments of insight,
of delight
of dazzling light
before Doubt sets back in,
I’m learning
to unwind my heart and mind
from the tenterhooks of fear.
That the limitations of boundaried reality
are illusory.

There’s a knowing so much greater
than what my eyes can see,
or my brain can grasp.

None of the things
that occupy my thoughts
really matter.

Not my financial worries,
or my health scare,
or the loneliness that clings
to me like a second skin.

They’re merely the movement of life
nudging me towards light.

Love is the only Truth.
The only thing that matters.

All else is Ego’s whimsy.