Take me through what you desire,

Those memories that burn like fire,

All the qualities that you admire,

And all those dreams that backfire,

Walk me through all that pain,

Those monsters you tried to tame,

All those secrets that are aflame,

And all the demons you can\'t sustain,

Lead me through your darkened mind,

Those hidden boxes that you\'ve designed,

All those issues you\'ve yet to find,

And all the times that you were blind,

Show me how many times you tried,

Those quiet moments where you cried,

All those times you could have died,

And every moment you broke inside,

Walk me through the pits of your dispare,

Those people that pretended to care,

All those times into nothing you\'d stare,

And every betrayal that left you unaware,

Lead me to that trap, deep in your soul,

Those desires that are as black as coal,

All those chances you should have stole,

And every nightmare you can\'t control,

Now, take my hand, let me show you,

That special light, shining through,

All those storms, yet stronger you grew,

Overcome and battle, it\'s what warriors do,

You have not an idea, not even a clue,

You\'re rarer than stardust, if you only knew.